A Social Enterprise
Helping the Disadvantaged in this Happy Occasion

A Meaningful Celebration

Helping the Disadvantaged in this Happy Occasion

Celebrate your new born, wedding, any happy occasion or corporate event while helping the disadvantaged. Conceptualized as a social enterprise with the aim to provide the less privileged with employment opportunities, our main beneficiaries are the physically disabled, psychiatrically challenged, single parents, elderly and needy families. We engage the disadvantaged in areas as such packing and handicraft work so as to help them acquire know-how and skillset which in turn empower individual’s readiness to be re-integrated into the society. When you opt for folded gift boxes (Social) or packed goodies (Social), you know you will be helping someone out there. Also, part of our profits will be ploughed back to fund social workshops and activities. Thank you for joining us in this initiative! ^^

Note: For gifts prepared by our beneficiaries, there will be minimum order of 250 qty so as to ensure efficiency and reasonable pay check for their hard work. $80 transport fees will be charged (to cover courier from warehouse to the beneficiary; beneficiary to warehouse and client). Our beneficiaries and partners include Salvation Army, Lions Befrienders, AG Home, Red Cross and IHJCC.

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*Kudos to photographer Sze Lee for taking special time off to capture these priceless moments for us.